Scottish Enterprise Backs Optical-Measurement Tech With 400K POC Grant

A £400,000 Proof of Concept grant has been awarded to develop pioneering optical-measurement technology that could help chemical and bio-processing companies produce higher yields and speed up product development.

Finding production efficiencies and maximising output are key goals for all businesses.

Now a team at the University of Strathclyde has secured early-stage funding to further develop innovate measurement applications that allow for the assessment of both chemical and particle size information using a single instrument.

The optical measurement systems could solve a key industry problem for companies working with slurries and powders and enable better process understanding and higher yields.

Dr Suresh Thennadil and his team have received £400,000 of Proof of Concept funding from Scottish Enterprise to develop two new prototype systems, in recognition of the technology’s commercial potential.

It will also act as a springboard for transforming the project into a high-growth company based on the unique technology platform and further develop the product line.

Saltire Fellow Ian Stevenson has been recruited to lead on the commercialisation of the technology – including development of a commercial plan – positioning the platform pricing in conjunction with market analysis and determining the best route to market. Ian has extensive experience of helping young companies to raise investment and take new technology to market.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our group to transform innovative technology arising out of our unique research programme,” explains Dr Thennadil. “This combines instrument development with light propagation theories and multivariate statistics to deliver optical process monitoring solutions to address challenges encountered in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.”

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