9 06, 2021

NUtech Ventures startup guide offers help to university entrepreneurs

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NUtech Ventures has created a new guide to help aspiring University of Nebraska–Lincoln entrepreneurs commercialize their innovations. Guide to Startup Companies is focused on companies formed to commercialize innovations developed at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and protected via intellectual property rights owned by UNL and assigned to NUtech Ventures. Topics include: idea validation, intellectual property protection, business plan development, technology licensing, funding, exit strategies, [...]

13 01, 2021

UNeTech levels the playing field for high-risk, high-reward tech startups 

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The “valley of death” is a term used in the startup community to refer to the dreaded gap between the discovery of promising new technologies and the bringing to market of commercially viable new products based on those technologies. It is the badlands where risky and possibly disruptive tech goes to die. Put more formally, it’s [...]

10 10, 2019

Nebraska’s ‘Silicon Prairie’ Is Growing Into A Hub For Innovation

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Despite its unfortunate tourism slogan, Nebraska is, in fact, for everyone. And it’s an especially attractive area for startups to plant their roots and bloom. Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily Nebraska’s tech scene, centered around the nearby cities of Omaha and Lincoln, has become an under-the-radar hub for innovation. With large examples of success like Hudl, which has [...]

11 09, 2017

First four startups sign on with UNO, UNMC technology institute

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A technology institute launched last winter by the University of Nebraska’s two Omaha campuses has signed its first four startup companies. UNeTech, a partnership between the University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska at Omaha, was established to help identify promising startups and help them become successful. The four companies will move into [...]

1 07, 2013

Invest Nebraska puts $500K into healthcare software firm

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Nebraska economic development officials and business leaders announced a matching $500,000 seed investment from Invest Nebraska, as part of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development Innovation Fund, to Phynd Technologies, a new software firm that soon will launch a new solution for hospitals and health care providers. […]

1 04, 2013

NMotion to put up to $115K in funds and services into University of Nebraska spin-outs

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Six to 10 start-ups will be selected to participate in the first year of NMotion, a new start-up accelerator in Lincoln. NUtech Ventures, a non-profit affiliate of the University of Nebraska whose goal is to help form partnerships between industry and university research to advance technology, is just one of the many partners involved in [...]

30 04, 2012

NUtech Ventures/UTDC uses proof of concept funding to support a promising imaging spin-out, Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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University Technology Development Corp. provided proof-of-concept funding to help move DiMagno’s imaging agents out of the lab and into clinical trials. Supporting the transfer of university technology to the marketplace, UTDC is a University of Nebraska affiliate and the parent company of NUtech Ventures. […]