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9 06, 2021

NUtech Ventures startup guide offers help to university entrepreneurs

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NUtech Ventures has created a new guide to help aspiring University of Nebraska–Lincoln entrepreneurs commercialize their innovations. Guide to Startup Companies is focused on companies formed to commercialize innovations developed at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and protected via intellectual property rights owned by UNL and assigned to NUtech Ventures. Topics include: idea validation, intellectual property protection, business plan development, technology licensing, funding, exit strategies, [...]

11 01, 2018

Excerpts from Mind the Gap Report

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For anyone interested in University-affiliated translational research, proof of concept, and startup gap funding and accelerators. The report below contains 60 pages from the most recent Mind the Gap Report. This excerpt was composed to assist in your own program planning and as an educational piece for your stakeholders. Please use and share!  Best [...]

27 10, 2016

Start your university POC or startup fund on the road to success [Hint: It’s a Team Meeting]

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During our decade of experience in tracking university-affiliated translational research, proof of concept, and startup gap funding programs, we have received hundreds of calls from current and aspiring fund managers at research institutions that are seeking the common route to launch successful programs. It's not locking yourself or assigning one of your team members to [...]

25 08, 2016

The Marquette University Enterprise Seed Fund is taking applications for its third round of funding, good example of Intake Process

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Overview and purpose of the fund The fund will provide seed capital to growing start-up businesses at critical junctures in their development. Open to all disciplines across campus, it will support activities, including commercialization activities, that further accelerate business growth. In addition, the fund seeks to strengthen the link between research and technology transfer and [...]

28 05, 2013

University of Iowa Accepting Pre-Proposals For Commercialization Awards Program

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UIRF is accepting pre-proposals for the 2013 commercialization award program. Despite the delay in the Iowa state final budget approval, UIRF is now accepting pre-proposal innovation summaries. As we did last year, we will work with PIs to perform IP and market assessments on each summary. Pre-proposals successfully completing these assessments will be asked to submit [...]

28 05, 2013

UCalifornia-Riverside Announces 2013/14 POC Fund

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The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development announces the FY2013-2014 Proof of Concept for Technology Commercialization (POC) Award Program. The POC award provides UCR investigators up to $35,000 to further develop a commercializable invention based upon UCR intellectual property not yet licensed.  The effort should address a critical issue, such as [...]

3 12, 2012

The University College of London delivers a suite of internal funds, translational research to start-up support

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Internal Funding Translational Research Office Administered Funds Confidence in Concept UCL has been awarded £700,000 by the MRC to establish a Confidence in Concept fund to be used flexibly to support the earliest stages of multiple translational research projects. It is intended to accelerate the transition from discovery research to translational development projects by supporting [...]

26 11, 2012

University of Sydney Sydnovate POC fund overview

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The Sydnovate Fund provides critical financial support for research projects with commercial potential. These funds will be used to: Strengthen University Patents, especially by reducing inventions to practice during the 12 months period between Provisional filing and PCT filing. Strengthening the University's copyright portfolio. Develop ’unripe’ projects into licensable opportunities by reaching critical milestones and [...]