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4 03, 2021

Led by startup founders, the Midwest Fund aims to back companies at the earliest stages

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A new fund is launching in the Midwest to invest in early stage startups across the region. And it's led by a group of experienced founders who are committed to reinvesting in their startup communities. The Midwest Fund is the latest geographic-specific VC group from The Fund, a New York-based venture firm that's previously launched funds in Los [...]

17 02, 2021

Virtual alumni pitching event opens new doors for Purdue startups during pandemic

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A virtual pitching event has offered Purdue University-affiliated startups the chance to connect with potential customers and agriculture leaders during the pandemic. Fish Tank was a virtual pitching event held earlier this month during the Purdue Ag Alumni Association’s Gone Fishin’ event, the virtual alternative to its annual Fish Fry. The Fish Tank featured 12 Purdue [...]

11 02, 2021

Two new efforts could widen the pool of people investing directly in venture funds | TechCrunch

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Venture funds have historically counted on several types of limited partners — or LPs — for their own investing capital. One of these groups is institutional investors — think pension funds, university endowments, hospital systems and the like. Another is corporations. A third bucket centers on wealthy individuals and often their family offices. It’s a fairly [...]

28 01, 2021

ARCH Venture Partners Announces New $1.85 Billion Fund to Create and Fund Early Stage Biotechnology Companies

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ARCH Venture Partners today announced the closing of ARCH Venture Fund XI, with over $1.85 billion to invest in the creation and funding of early stage biotechnology companies. "From its start, ARCH sought out great science with the potential to significantly improve human health. While Fund XI  is our largest to date, we have always invested at levels [...]

28 01, 2021

Big Idea Ventures Launches New Fund to Commercialize University IP and Grow Rural Economies

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 Big Idea Ventures LLC, the global leader in early-stage alternative protein investing, announces the launch of the Generation Food Rural Partners (GFRP) fund, and has selected NC State University as its inaugural collaborator. GFRP is a $125 million target fund that will fuel economic development in rural communities across the United States through the commercialization [...]

13 01, 2021

HX Venture Fund raising $75M for VC investments 

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HX Venture Fund, which aims to grow Houston's venture capital ecosystem, is raising money for its second fund-of-funds. HX Venture Fund is raising $75 million from institutional limited partners for HX Venture Fund II, managing partners Sandy Guitar and Guillermo Borda told the Houston Business Journal. The fund-of-funds will have a series of rolling closes, but HX Venture Fund [...]

6 01, 2021

Deerfield Launches a Novel Funding Mechanism, the X-Seed Award

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Deerfield Management Company, a New York City-based healthcare investment firm, today announced the launch of the X-Seed Award, a new program designed to support early-stage life science startups. Award winners will be women and other minority founders in New York City. The X-Seed Award was created by Deerfield as a result of the partnership announced [...]

17 12, 2020

Is Silicon Valley losing its shine? Venture capitalists find no clear alternative.

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This year, the partners at Founders Fund — a prominent San Francisco venture capital firm that has backed Airbnb, Palantir Technologies and other leading companies — took an informal internal poll: If the fund could open a major new office outside the Bay Area, where would it go? It’s a question many venture capitalists and [...]

2 12, 2020

COVID Not Slowing VC Investment – Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

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The COVID-19 pandemic has battered industries around the world, but one sector's prospects aren’t so bleak: venture capital. Startup backers—and private-equity managers in general—say that half of their portfolio companies haven’t been harmed by the coronavirus that stalled the economy in March, according to two new surveys by Paul A. Gompers, the Eugene Holman Professor of [...]

16 09, 2020

Winnow Fund to start investing in student entrepreneurs in Wisconsin

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A new venture capital fund will start investing in Wisconsin's university and college entrepreneurs this fall after closing on $6 million in fundraising. The Winnow Fund, a seed-stage venture capital fund led by Richelle Martin, announced the fundraising in a news release Monday. The Winnow Fund plans to start investing in November. The fund plans [...]