The projects address a range of societal challenges, from new treatments for cancer, hepatitis B and obesity, to pain-free intravenous injections and low-cost water purification. The funding, administered by the Office of the Dean for Research, supports proof-of-concept research, prototypes, or other studies to bring fundamental discoveries to the point where they can be developed through a spin-out company, established firm or other entity.

“Princeton’s faculty and their research teams are making discoveries that have the potential to make a real difference in everyday lives,” said Rodney Priestley, Princeton’s vice dean for innovation. “Through the IP Accelerator Fund, Princeton is identifying some of the most promising technologies and giving them the extra push needed to bring these technologies to the public where they can meet needs in health care, the environment and other sectors.”

“These six projects demonstrate the range of innovations coming from Princeton researchers that have the potential to benefit society in a variety of ways,” said John Ritter, director of the Office of Technology Licensing, which oversees the selection of awardees by a committee of faculty and members of the technology investment community. “The IP Accelerator Fund assists in making University research ready for the kind of external investment that can bring these discoveries to the broader world.”

The selected projects are described through link below.

Source: Princeton accelerates innovation through funding of six technologies with potential for societal impact