Developing and Sharing Best Practices

Create and expand access to best practices, insights, tactics, and benchmarking for program improvement and stakeholder development

Advocating for the University Gap Funding Community

Increase public/private awareness of the capital and support gap for university innovation and build consensus around gap funding as a solution

Connecting Universities with Investors and Companies

Connect university translational research, proof of concept projects, and startups to sources of capital, talent, and commercialization partnerships

The first, global community-of-practice/accelerator for current and aspiring research institution translational research, proof of concept, and startup gap fund programs

Current Members

Research Universities
POC/Startup Funds
Years Fund Experience
New Tech/YR

Supporting the Effort Since the Beginning. Forming a Community for the Future.

Invaluable experiences working with over 300 gap funding programs and accelerators

Convening Discussions with Practitioners. Building Data, Resources, and Toolkits for Best Practice Focus Areas.

  • Defining Gap Funding and Accelerator Approaches

  • Raising and Sustaining Program Funding

  • Assessing and Reporting Impact and Performance Metrics

  • Evaluating Technologies and Startups for Funding

  • Managing Inventor Involvement in the Gap Funding Process

  • Cultivating Education, Mentor, Advisory, and Other Support Programs

  • Attracting and Collaborating with Commercial and Investment Partners

  • Structuring the Financing and Ownership of Funded Technologies and Startups

  • Communicating the Value, Need, and Expectations of Gap Funds and Accelerators

  • Implementing Policies and Incentives that Support Gap Funds and Accelerators

  • Coordinating Gap Funding Programs with Campus Units and Priorities