19 12, 2019

It takes an ecosystem to raise a successful start-up

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The geography of entrepreneurship is "spiky", meaning that from region to region there are significant variations in rates of start-ups and, in particular, "scale-ups"—new businesses that are evolving into larger enterprises. This can be explained by the fact that successful entrepreneurship occurs in "fertile soil"—economic and social environments conducive to entrepreneurial activity. And in some [...]

13 12, 2018

RGU’s Start-up Accelerator to boost Aberdeenshire innovation

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Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) new initiative, the first funded programme of its kind in the north-east of Scotland, will support 28 entrepreneurial teams of students, staff and recent alumni from RGU and North East Scotland College (NESCol). Organisers hope the programme will help the region’s entrepreneurs and innovators create new businesses. The business teams will receive training and expert [...]

26 08, 2013

University of Edinburgh start-up to seek crowdfunding as a means to support venture

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A new spin-out company from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Geosciences which was awarded an initial £141,000 from Scottish Enterprise’s SMART Scotland fund and the University of Edinburgh Technology Fund is to embark on a further round of funding in an ambitious plan to raise capital through crowd funding. Carbomap plans to raise further [...]

24 01, 2013

University of Edinburgh to invest in a VC fund to support life science start-ups

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The University of Edinburgh is to invest in a venture capital fund focusing on early stage life sciences companies. The new fund, which will be managed by US-based Rock Spring Ventures, will engage closely with the University’s company formation teams at Edinburgh Research and Innovation and Edinburgh BioQuarter. Spin-out and start-up companies from the University’s research labs will make up [...]

3 12, 2012

Scotish seed fund launches, support from Office of Science and Technology

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NESTech is a £3m technology seed fund resulting from a successful application to the Office of Science and Technology [OST] University Challenge Fund by the University of St Andrews along with Dundee and Aberdeen Universities. NESTech's purpose is to provide funding at the riskiest stage of the commercialisation process and to bridge the gap between university research [...]

13 11, 2012

Scottish packaging company readies for global expansion, seeded with monies from SMART:SCOTLAND proof of concept program

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Thanks to ongoing support from Scottish Enterprise, Insignia Technologies Ltd is preparing to take its groundbreaking packaging technology to a global, £multi-billion market. The company created an intelligent ink that changes colour when exposed to external influences such as time, oxygen and humidity levels. Developed by leading chemist Professor Andrew Mills, the technology can be [...]

7 08, 2012

Sun burn monitor supported by Scottish Enterprise’s Proof of Concept Fund set to roll out

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A monitor developed at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, to help prevent over-exposure to the sun is set to go on the market as part of a new spinout company. The device helps to indicate to users when they have been exposed to a certain amount of UV (ultra-violet) radiation by changing colour [...]