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23 03, 2017

Upside Biotechnologies raises $2.3 m in funding round

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Upside Biotechnologies, a regenerative medicine start-up, said it has successfully raised $2.3 million in its Series A funding round. The Auckland-based company is developing an advanced, world-class skin replacement treatment for patients suffering major burns. The capital raised will be used to complete development of the product, demonstrate proof of concept, ready the product for [...]

14 07, 2016

$24.9M New Zealand Start-up fund recipients announced

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Start-up fund recipients announced Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce today announced the successful recipients of the 2016 PreSeed Accelerator Fund. “This fund supports the commercialisation of publicly funded research technologies to the point where new companies can be formed or the technology licensed or sold to existing businesses,” Mr Joyce says. “The successful applicants [...]

27 05, 2016

Govt earmarks $15m towards commercialising hi-tech developments

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The Government's $15 million investment into initiatives supporting Kiwi start-ups is a step in the right direction but there's still more to be done, a Massey University economist says. The Pre-Seed Accelerator fund is aimed at developing "cutting-edge" research into viable start-up businesses. Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce said hundreds of savvy hi-tech Kiwi [...]

11 11, 2014

AUT Venture Fund gives entrepreneurs a welcome kickstart

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Four startup projects led by entrepreneurial AUT University alumni and students got a boost last week thanks to the AUT Venture Fund. AUT Business School alumnus Helgaard Theunissen and his teammate Ernst Jordaan won the alumni division with their business plan for Vermicast – a company that will sell compost produced by earthworms.  Vermicast will [...]

27 08, 2013

University of Otago research lands POC grant for a “billion-dollar market” blood test

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University of Otago Christchurch researcher Associate Professor Chris Pemberton has won this year’s prestigious Otago Innovation Proof of Concept grant to further develop his world-first test for predicting those at imminent risk of a heart attack. […]

3 12, 2012

Global from Day One: New Zealand-based Sparkbox Ventures makes two investments from seed fund

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The Global from Day One Fund – the new seed investment fund established by Sparkbox Ventures and the ICEHO-- USE - has made its first two investment commitments into two technology companies, Mohio and Stay Today. Andrew Duff, Sparkbox’s chairman, saidGlobal from Day One’s key criteriais to invest in new technology companies with an international [...]

5 10, 2012

AUT venture fund supports three student entrepreneurs

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Now in its fourth year, the AUT Venture Fund attracts the creative minds of students from across every faculty at AUT University. Students are required to come up with a venture that is product, service or technology focussed, with a domestic and/or international orientation. The funding committee then grants start-up funds, mentoring and professional development [...]