Proof of Concept (POC) Fund

24 09, 2020

Grants support proof-of-concept and validation studies of Johns Hopkins inventions

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Two Johns Hopkins research teams have received technology development grants totaling nearly $200,000 through the Louis B. Thalheimer Fund for Translational Research. Established through a $5.4 million gift from businessman and philanthropist Louis B. Thalheimer, the fund supports vital proof-of-concept and validation studies of valuable technologies at Johns Hopkins and has awarded more than $1.3 [...]

2 09, 2020

 FSU Collaborative Collision Seed Fund announcement

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The Collaborative Collision seed fund provides up to $25,000 to catalyze the development of new interdisciplinary teams that form as a result of connections made at the Office of Research Development’s Collaborative Collision events. Collaborative Collision grants are intended to allow a new team to position themselves to seek external funding for a new research initiative by demonstrating a history of [...]

2 09, 2020

UPMC grows innovation in the last 4 months

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Over the past four months, UPMC has continued to invest in technologies and innovations for healthcare delivery despite financial pressures related to the pandemic. On Aug. 26, the health system revealed more details about two key innovation initiatives in its second-quarter financial results. During the first half of 2020, the health system reported $59 million in operating income and [...]

26 08, 2020

UCSF Medicine’s new $1.5M innovation fund focuses 1st project on telemedicine training

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The University of California San Francisco School of Medicine received a $1.5 million grant to establish a new endowment that funds palliative medicine innovation projects, according to an Aug. 25 news release. The Cambia Health Foundation, part of nonprofit healthcare company Cambia Health Solutions, awarded UCSF the $1.5 million to start the endowment for the medical school's [...]

26 08, 2020

VCU commercialization efforts at work for health care innovators and faculty startups

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A VCU School of Pharmacy researcher’s augmented reality technology is nearing the marketplace, backed by Virginia Commonwealth University’s network of services that can guide a faculty member’s idea into development, gain partners and investors for the innovation and eventually find licensure. The Health Innovation Consortium, an initiative announced last year by VCU President Michael Rao, Ph.D., to support [...]

20 08, 2020

FSU funding helps researchers turn inventions into business ideas

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A faster way to make test samples for the automotive and aerospace industries, an improved method for producing a wound-healing therapy and the development of an environmentally friendly X-ray material all earned funding from a Florida State University program that helps researchers bring their work to the marketplace. FSU’s Office of the Vice President for [...]

4 08, 2020

LSU Board of Supervisors Fund 18 New Ideas through LIFT2 Grants

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The LSU Board of Supervisors has selected 18 new ideas to support through its Leverage Innovation for Technology Transfer, or LIFT2, grants. The board funded a total of $999,981.14 in the last fiscal year to provide a bridge over the critical gap between basic research and commercialization for university faculty. “These modest seed funds from [...]

30 07, 2020

UGA Foundation commits up to $10M to fund student, faculty innovation

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The University of Georgia is putting big money up front for innovation in a higher education setting. On Tuesday, the school announced the UGA Foundation’s investment committee voted during a meeting in June to approve a commitment of up to $10 million for funding innovation. The funding will allow the Foundation to partner with the [...]

30 07, 2020

NCSU Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Supports Six Promising Projects

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Research that starts at NC State doesn’t end here. The Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) is one way we work to ensure our research reaches the places it’s needed. “As a land-grant university, our mission is to positively impact the lives of the residents of North Carolina and beyond by commercializing state-of-the-art research to solve societal problems,” says Wade [...]

23 07, 2020

Brown to fund biomedical technologies with commercial potential, patient benefits 

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Ranging from technology that analyzes the cries of infants for signs of opioid withdrawal to gene therapy treatment for post-traumatic osteoarthritis, five projects led by Brown University research teams have each been awarded $100,000 to help translate their scientific discoveries into commercial products that benefit patients. In its second annual cycle of awards, Brown Biomedical Innovations [...]